We are currenlty accepting applications for our FreeIC City and University Leads!


FreeIC Leads are ambassadors and supporters of the movement, who help bring Free Intelligent Conversation to their cities and universities—they plan, coordinate, and participate in FreeIC outings and events. 

We provide Leads with everything they'll need to orchestrate outings, including: signs, question cards, training, community, and marketing for all their outings.

Responsibilities of FreeIC City and University Leads:

  1. Work with our organization to coordinate and lead at minimum 1 monthly FreeIC outing in your city or university.
  2. Recruit friends, family, colleagues, and other interested groups to participate (hold up signs and talk to strangers) in your upcoming FreeIC outings, with the goal of increasing attendance by at least 1 more person every outing. Ex: If 4 people participated in August, the goal is to get 5 in September.
  3. Be a point of contact for those interested in joining the movement and upcoming outings in your city or university. 

There can be up to 10 City Leads within a city and 5 within a university. If you'd like to take an active role in bringing Free Intelligent Conversation to your city, please apply! 

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